The Constitution of Georgia Easily Defined

The Constitution of Georgia Easily Defined

The current Constitution of Georgia was formed in 1981 which replaced the constitution implemented in 1976. Georgia has undergone ten constitution changes. The constitution is made up of three government branches; legislative, executive, and judicial.

Constitutional Branches


This branch is established in the General Assembly which consists of the Senate and the House of representatives.


This branch is overseen by the Governor. In this case, Governor Nathan Deal.


This branch is subjugated by the Supreme Court.

Georgia Constitution

It is made up of a Preamble and eleven different articles, all of which address important aspects of the state. The Preamble consists of a summary of the principles which the Georgia constitution serves.

#1 Bill of Rights

This addresses a person’s rights including Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Religion.

#2 Voting and Elections

Every resident of Georgia has the right to register and vote.

#3 Legislative Branch

The legislative powers, regulations, and law enforcement by this particular branch are addressed.

#4 Constitutional Boards and Commissions

This article states who the six boards and commissions are and the powers and duties of each member.

#5 Executive Branch

This branch entails the election of a Governor and the duties and powers of the elected Governor.

#6 Judicial Branch

The various courts, their powers, and jurisdictions are addressed here.

#7 Taxes and Finance

This article discusses the powers of taxation including state taxation and state debts.

#8 Education

Public schools and their systems, as well as the educational resources available, are discussed at length.

#9 Countries and Municipal Corporations

The municipal taxation powers and district improvements are outlined.

#10 Amendments to the Constitution

The amendments and changes thereof are discussed and outlined.

#11 Miscellaneous Provisions

This article covers all judicial reviews and the protection of the Georgia laws.

This is a brief overview of which we hope will make for a better understanding of how the Constitution of Georgia and its laws work within the state. Let justice prevail!

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