Keep and Bear Firearms? You’re in Luck!

Keep and Bear Firearms? You’re in Luck!

Under the Georgia Constitution, residents have the right to keep and bear firearms. Yes, you read that correctly, however, there are some requirements you need to be made aware of. In the state of Georgia, you are allowed to carry a firearm without a permit but there are also several places where you are not allowed to carry one.

In early 2014, the gun laws of Georgia changed significantly thanks to Governor Nathan Deal. He implemented the Safe Carry Protection Act which stipulates where and how the residents of Georgia may carry a firearm.

Georgia Gun Laws

Without A Permit

You can possess and carry a gun without a permit, however, you are required to have a permit for handguns. Below are a few guidelines as to where and how you are required to carry your weapon.

Without a permit, you are allowed to keep a firearm in your home, business, or car. You can carry an unloaded gun provided it is kept in its casing. If you have a long gun on your person, it is required to be in full exposure. If you are a licensed hunter or fisherman, you can carry a gun without a permit when participating in these activities.

No Firearms Permitted

There are several places where you are not allowed to be in possession of a firearm whatsoever. These include; government buildings, courthouses, prisons, religious institutions, mental health institutions, nuclear power properties, school premises. This also includes being no less than 46 meters from a voting station during an election. Interestingly, there is no assault weapon law.

Assault Weapons Ban

43 US states have no assault weapons ban barring two of which, Minnesota and Virginia, which require assault weapon owners to undergo training and background checks. There are seven states which have assault weapon bans.

Weapon bans have become a major issue under scrutiny by the media as the occurrences of mass shootings continue. It is believed these tragic incidents continue to happen as each state has varying degrees of gun laws. This is especially significant when assault weapons are concerned.

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